Pet rescue cat Nala, who has become a local celebrity at Stevenage train station, is releasing a charity single in aid of the RSPCA.

Four-year-old Nala visits Stevenage train station every day to be greeted and fussed over by commuters and staff.

Pictures of Nala perched on top of the ticket barriers, or curled up in the newspaper stand, have gone viral, with his antics making national and international news. 

Owner Natasha Ames said: “Nala typically comes home after the morning commuter rush and then goes back for the afternoon rush. He must really love all the attention he receives.

"I have to pick him up from the station most nights around 9pm and he follows me straight away, jumping into the car and going home for dinner - before returning to the station!

"We know how well-loved Nala is by the community and I’m really glad he brightens up their day."

The Comet: Nala often sits on the barriers at Stevenage train station to greet commuters.Nala often sits on the barriers at Stevenage train station to greet commuters. (Image: The Ames family)

Nala and his brother, Simba, were born in RSPCA care in June 2019 after their mother, a heavily pregnant stray cat, was rescued by the charity.

Mum cat Sparrow gave birth just days after arriving in the care of the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch.

She gave birth to two kittens, then named Starling and Chaffinch, who were adopted by Stevenage couple Lewis and Natasha when they were 12 weeks old.

Nala has now released a song called Check Meowt, to raise money for the RSPCA and a homeless charity.

It comes at a time when abandonment and neglect calls to the RSPCA have reached a three-year high and the charity’s rescue teams are set to be busier than ever this Christmas.

Natasha said: "We wanted to help raise money for the RSPCA through the song as we’re so grateful to them for rescuing Nala and Simba.

"The idea for the song just came to me. I’ve worked in the music industry for around 15 years, so I called a friend, then Nala and I went to record something, and here we are.

"We’ve been blown away by how much people seem to love it, and we couldn’t believe it when Scott Mills played it on BBC radio and even gave it a cheeky mention that it could be Christmas number one!"

The Comet: Cover of Nala's new single Check MeowtCover of Nala's new single Check Meowt (Image: The Ames family)

The intrepid cat has now been fitted with a tracker so his family can see where he goes each day. On a typical day, he will walk between five and 12 miles, but over the last few weeks, as the weather has been colder, his favourite spot has been the train station.

He has also been seen at the Novotel, various restaurants and the cinema at Stevenage Leisure Park, and even a plumbing showroom.

Lewis was receiving 20 calls a day from people who had spotted Nala and were concerned he was lost, so Nala's family - Lewis, Natasha, seven-year-old Annabelle and three-year-old Grayson - gave him a new collar explaining he is just a very adventurous cat.

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Dermot Murphy, inspectorate commissioner at the RSPCA, said: "It’s always lovely to see animals we have rescued thriving in their new homes, so to see Nala doing so well and touching so many people’s hearts with his train station adventures is amazing to see.

"We’re incredibly grateful to Nala and his owners for releasing their purr-fect single Check Meowt to raise funds for the RSPCA and a homeless charity - and give it our full backing for the Christmas number one spot! 

"With the help of Nala, his owners, and other kind animal lovers who raise funds and donate to the RSPCA, we can help transform countless animals’ lives this Christmas."

To support the RSPCA, visit

To follow Nala's antics, search for The Adventures of Nala on Facebook, or @Nala_station_cat on TikTok and Instagram.