A man who dumped his rubbish on the A505 and other country roads in North Hertfordshire has been ordered to pay almost £2,000.

Ion Mihai Ciobotea, of Alder Crescent in Luton, dumped rubbish from renovations on a number of roads in the area.

At Stevenage Magistrates' Court on Friday, December 15, he pleaded guilty to four duty of care offences for failing to take reasonable measures to prevent the escape of waste and ensuring that it was transferred only to an authorised person.

He admitted that he had arranged for the collection of the waste, but had employed someone else to dispose of it on four separate occasions within six weeks in July and August 2021.


His total charge for £1,821.57 was made up of a compensation order of £529.52, a fine of £720, a victim surcharge of £72 and £500 costs to the council. Mr Ciobotea, who is currently unemployed, was ordered to pay £60 per month, with payments increasing when he finds work.

Cllr Amy Allen, executive member for recycling and waste management at North Herts Council, said: “We are pleased with the guilty plea, and are grateful to our staff for their hard work for bringing this case to an effective conclusion.

The Comet: Rubbish dumped on the Stotfold Road near Caldwell (left) and Therfield Road in Kelshall (right).Rubbish dumped on the Stotfold Road near Caldwell (left) and Therfield Road in Kelshall (right). (Image: North Herts Council)

"However, it never ceases to amaze us why people think it’s ok to get rid of their waste without doing the necessary checks.

"It is your responsibility to check any waste carrier you use is registered – which they will have no problem confirming upon request – so you can ensure your waste will be disposed of responsibly, otherwise as this case demonstrates, you will be liable.” 

Cllr Tom Tyson, deputy executive member for recycling & waste, added: “Investigating and clearing up fly-tips adds to everyone’s council tax bill.

"We urge all residents and businesses to use registered waste disposal operators – which you can easily check by searching the Environmental Agency’s Register.”