Hello dear Readers,

Everyone at Southridge calls me Sweet Reedy - I was rescued as a tiny kitten almost 18 years ago and have lived in one home all my life, until recently when my wonderful owner and rescuer who I loved dearly passed away.

Now in my twilight years I find myself at Southridge RSPCA, which is for me understandably frightening and strange. I feel unsure of new people I meet and I hide a lot. However, given time and reassurance I am starting to respond to the kindness of the staff and volunteers here. I do have a very gentle nature and even purr now when I get soft strokes.

Living at a shelter is very difficult for me, so I am urgently seeking a new home. I do need a calm adult only household where I am the only animal, as this is all I have known, with the right environmental set up to help me settle in. I will also need a litter tray indoors.

The Comet: Reedy is looking for a homeReedy is looking for a home (Image: RSPCA Southridge)

Being an elderly cat, I have started to have some age related health conditions. So while I am available for adoption, Southridge would also consider me going to a foster home, if someone lives in the local area, so they can cover all my vet care.

Please consider offering me a warm, safe, comfortable and loving home at this last stage of my life. I am a special boy and hoping you will come and meet me soon.

To get in touch with RSPCA Southridge email southridge@rspca.org.uk or call 0300 123 0704. Visiting the centre is by pre-arranged, scheduled appointment only. The centre is located in Packhorse Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 3LZ.