Dickinson's Real Deal star Simon Schneider is set to return to Hertfordshire, in search of members of the public who wish to sell their valuables.

The ITV antiques expert will be available for home visits from 10am on Wednesday, January 17, before visiting Stevenage's Hotel Cromwell and Letchworth's The Broadway Hotel on January 18 and 19.

During the visits, cash sums will be offered for gold, silver and high-quality antiques.

Simon said: “I have been touring the country in response to the demand I receive from the public wishing to sell their valuables.

"I have hundreds of highly satisfied clients and I am looking forward to returning to Hertfordshire, where I hope to unearth some unusual and interesting items."

The Comet: Simon Schneider will be visiting Letchworth and Stevenage.Simon Schneider will be visiting Letchworth and Stevenage. (Image: Simon Schneider)

The Secret Dealers expert is encouraging residents to search through their attics and cupboards and bring along anything that they think might be of interest.

Mr Schneider continued: "I love those occasions when I see the surprise on someone’s face when I tell them their broken jewellery or grandmother’s old vase is worth a lot more than they ever imagined.

"It’s amazing how much a few broken gold chains and odd earrings can be worth.


"I’m always keen to purchase jewellery, gold and silver and I’m particularly interested in oriental items.

"The market for Chinese ceramics and other objects is very strong and this is a good time to take advantage of the high prices that can be achieved.

"It is impossible to list all the items I am interested in buying, if you think you have something of interest bring it along, it costs nothing for me to take a look.”

When Simon Schneider last visited

The Comet: Simon Scheider last visited Hertfordshire in January 2023.Simon Scheider last visited Hertfordshire in January 2023. (Image: Simon Schneider)

Mr Schneider previously visited Hertfordshire in January 2023, when residents of Harpenden, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Welwyn Garden City took their items to be valued.

Speaking of the county, he said: "It's a lovely area. I have to be really honest, I didn't realise how nice Hertfordshire was! 

"I always thought it was further away from than London than it is.

"It's a very beautiful county."