In an effort to promote mental health and provide a supportive community for men facing mental health challenges, a walking group has been launched in Hitchin.

For Men to Talk is a peer support group founded four years ago by Luke Newman for men facing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and grief, and the walking group is the latest addition to a range of initiatives on offer.

Luke explained that the walking group "is part of For Men To Talk's commitment to expanding its reach and providing diverse avenues for men to connect and share their experiences."

He continued: "Our mission has always been to create spaces where men can openly discuss their mental health challenges.

"The walking group in Hitchin offers a dynamic and refreshing way for men to connect, share and support each other while enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities."


The walks will take place every first and third Friday of the month, starting at 5.30pm outside St Mary's Church in Hitchin, opposite the memorial fountain.

For more information about the walking group in Hitchin, or to get involved, visit, or call Luke on 07709 446480, or email him at