Every week the Comet very graciously (thanks to all) gives space to us at North Herts and Stevenage Centre for Voluntary Services (NH&SCVS).

This way we can share what’s happening locally in the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector.

We like to think that our community, and the many other local groups, know what we do. But there will always be those who don’t know about our work.

Like most smaller charities we don’t have vast budgets for marketing campaigns. We depend on local networks and opportunities to tell our story and share the word about the extensive help and support we offer to community groups in North Herts and Stevenage.

The Norwegian playwright and director Henrik Ibsen said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and recently we partnered with Hitchin TV to produce a video about our work, to do just that.

You can view the video at www.vimeo.com/861300498 to watch our CEO, Hannah Morgan-Gray share the stories of some of the local groups we have supported.

So how do we help the voluntary and community groups in the area?

Our community capacity builder, Andy Nazer, points the way: "In our communities, it's crucial to have a straightforward and relatable story that fosters trust among us.

"This narrative should not only inspire positive change but also play a key role in fundraising for many charities.

"Additionally, it should effectively convey the impact of the VCFSE sector. Our narrative must explain with absolute clarity how our donations and fundraising, brought about by our local groups' efforts, impact upon the lives of our community.

"Creating awareness of what a group does is essential to its growth and sustainability."

Andy continues: "Groups who master their own storytelling ability empower other people to tell their own stories.

"Beneficiaries, service users, volunteers, fundraisers, or campaigners – their voices become as one, coherent and powerful. So, if your group needs help to tell your story, don’t delay, contact us."

If you are a local group and would like to share your story here in the Comet, do get in touch with us.

Michelle Crowe, our newly appointed marketing and communications lead at NH&SCVS says: "We welcome hearing from groups who would like to share their story either here in the Comet or via our other platforms.

"Simply get in touch with us and we will do our best to ensure that your work – and any appeals you may wish to make – are shared."

To contact NH&SCVS email info@nhcvs.org.uk or call 01462 689400

A reminder that the team at NH&SCVS support groups to ensure that they are sustainable and thrive.

We do our best to promote a dynamic voluntary and community sector in North Herts and Stevenage by advocating, advising, and supporting whenever there’s a need.

Full details about the services we offer can be found at www.nhcvs.org.uk.