Drivers have been warning other motorists to avoid a large pothole on a busy dual carriageway in Stevenage, claiming their vehicles have been damaged as a result of the crater.

Taking to social media, one concerned woman explained how her friend had driven over "a monster pothole" on Fairlands Way, between the junction of Grace Way and Bedwell Crescent, and "ended up with a flat tyre".

The Comet: Have you managed to avoid this pothole?Have you managed to avoid this pothole? (Image: Newsquest)

Another driver said: "I went down it and just had a nice bill for my tyre, as it popped it."

A third added: "I hit it last night. It's the deepest I have ever seen in Stevenage."

The Comet: It measures around 125cm by 70cm.It measures around 125cm by 70cm. (Image: Newsquest)

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Meanwhile, a bus driver explained: "The front wheel of my bus hit that pothole in the dark the other night. It was jarring, to say the least. I actually swore out loud. My apologies to any passengers who may have heard me."

Others have been lucky enough to avoid the pothole, which measures around 125cm by 70cm, and is several centimetres deep. "I swerved it, then got beeped at, but I’d rather that then a flat tyre", one motorist admitted.

* Hertfordshire County Council has confirmed that the pothole was repaired on the same day this article was published.