A question on a Hertfordshire town flummoxed contestants on Pointless last week.

The popular BBC One quiz show, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, tests contestants on their general knowledge and has them trying to find the most obscure answers to the questions posed.

And in one of the most recent episodes, they were tested on their knowledge of one particular town in North Hertfordshire.

Episode 33 in the 30th series of the show, which was first broadcast on Tuesday, January 9, featured a second round with questions on events of the 1940s.

The pairs of quizzers were asked to find the least well-known answers to ten pieces of trivia, displayed in two sets of five.

The facts related to subjects like the development of the nuclear bomb, to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the trials of Nazi war criminals following the Second War.

But the one that will have grabbed the attention of many people in Stevenage was on a subject closer to home.

It read: "This town was designated the UK's first New Town (1946)".


It brought an unsuccessful guess from one contestant, who guessed 1960s Buckinghamshire new town Milton Keynes, while another suggested it might be Welwyn Garden City when she ran through the possible answers to the remaining questions at the end of the round.

Even Alexander Armstrong's guest co-host, the chef and broadcaster Andi Oliver, thought it would be Welwyn Garden City.

Only Armstrong himself got the answer right - correctly saying that he thought it was Stevenage.

It would have proved to be the best answer on the board if any of the contestants had said it, scoring only two out of 100.

Stevenage was officially designated as the first New Town on November 11, 1946, with the intention of providing homes for people who were living in overcrowded London.

It was followed by another ten new towns within the next two years, including Basildon, Bracknell, Crawley, Corby, Harlow, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Newton Aycliffe, Peterlee and Welwyn Garden City.

You can watch the full episode of Pointless on BBC iPlayer.