A survey has been launched for residents in North Herts to have their say on a strategy for affordable housing, homelessness and more.

North Herts Council is renewing its housing plan for 2024-29 with the strategy covering key areas including enforcement of housing standards.

The council, though not an owner of housing stock, has a duty to consider these housing needs, working alongside organisations to manage the district's social housing.

Councillor Sean Prendergast, executive member for Housing and Environmental Health, said: "The main themes for most local authorities will be about preventing and managing homelessness, maximising the delivery of genuinely affordable homes, and ensuring high standards of housing.

"With home ownership and even private renting out of reach for around a fifth of our residents, affordable or social housing, is an important sector, providing homes at 50-80 per cent below market rents.

"And we are acutely aware of how the cost-of-living crisis is impacting the ability for many residents to afford their housing costs.

"Social housing is scarce, as are our resources, so it’s important that residents have their say to help us prioritise and manage what we can do in this essential service."

To contribute to the Housing Strategy, locals are invited to complete an online survey by February 11 on the council’s website.