Prepare for spooky paranormal goings-on when the Most Haunted team come to Hertfordshire.

The stage show of Most Haunted will headline at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage on Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 20 at 7.30pm.

The acclaimed paranormal show is the original and most successful paranormal investigation series made for television.

It has now been transformed into a spine-chilling theatre show, which you can see live at the Gordon Craig Theatre.

Presented by Yvette Fielding — TV's 'first lady of the paranormal' — together with the show’s producer and director Karl Beattie and the Most Haunted team, you will be taken on the darkest, most terrifying journey of your life.



Theatre audiences will be shaking in their seats as Yvette and the team present Most Haunted's all-time top ten scares, complete with unseen video footage from haunted castles, manor houses, hospitals and prisons.

The stage show will also take the theatrical experience to a whole new level with audience members taken back to the Victorian age of séance and Ouija board and invited to conduct their very own ghostly investigation.

In this show no one is safe and 'seeing is believing'. 

Tickets are on sale now from the Gordon Craig website at