More than 90 per cent of homes in Stevenage are now able to access Gigabit broadband.

It means that connected homes can receive download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second - fast enough to download a high definition movie in less than one minute.

The increased access follows a government programme, known as Project Gigabit, aimed at increasing broadband speeds across the UK.

At the last general election, the Conservatives committed to bringing Gigabit broadband to every home and business in the UK by 2025 - later revised down to 85 per cent of premises by 2025, and to a nationwide rollout by 2030.

Gigabit broadband now covers 80 per cent of the UK, and, as of May 2023, 90.3 per cent of homes in the area covered by Stevenage Borough Council (SBC). In Stevenage parliamentary constituency, 88 per cent of homes have access to Gigabit broadband.

This is a steep increase from May 2021, when only three per cent of homes in the area covered by SBC had access to Gigabit broadband.

Only Virgin Media provide Gigabit broadband in Stevenage, while Netomnia - who support YouFibre - are planning to rollout their Stevenage service soon.

Project Gigabit has largely been funded through private investment from companies including Virgin Media O2, with the government providing an additional £5m of funding to provide broadband for harder to reach areas.

Alex Clarkson, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Stevenage, said: “It is brilliant news for both households and businesses in Stevenage that Gigabit broadband covers 90.3 per cent of the town thanks to the work of the telecoms industry and Conservative government action.

“This work will mean that people can enjoy better internet connectivity, making their lives easier and more productive. 

“The Conservative government are delivering for the British people, sticking to their plan and taking the long-term decisions for a brighter future for all.” 

Michelle Donelan, technology secretary, added: “This is another giant leap forward in our mission to bring gigabit connectivity to every part of the UK, with 80 per cent of the country now able to benefit from lightning-fast broadband.


“Access to gigabit speeds does not just mean being able to seamlessly stream films, TV shows, and shop online all at once.

"It means better productivity for businesses and new opportunities for local communities with digital infrastructure which will help power our economy, create jobs and improve lives for decades to come.”

Responding to this story, Kevin Bonavia, Labour parliamentary candidate for Stevenage, said: "Reliable high-speed broadband is now essential for many aspects of life and critical for businesses to operate.

"I'm pleased Stevenage is now finally getting the Gigabit level of coverage that it has been missing for so long after many years of lack of government investment. 

"Yet more high speed coverage means nothing if you can't afford to pay for it.

"Broadband costs have seen huge rises recently as a result of the UK's high inflation rate, and with so many people juggling higher bills across the board in the current cost of living crisis, many have to rely on slower options or having nothing at all.

"We need a change of government that will rebuild the economy after 14 years of Conservative mismanagement and so help people to be able to pay for high-speed broadband and their other needs in life."