News of Stevenage runner Daniel Fairbrother's London Marathon training has gone viral after he was stopped by police while out running with a fridge on his back.

Daniel, 34, is aiming to beat the world record for the fastest marathon while carrying a household appliance when he takes part in the London Marathon in April. The world record currently sits at four hours, 52 minutes and 10 seconds.

Daniel is raising money for Diabetes UK, in tribute to his best friend Sam Wilson, who is living with type 1 diabetes.

While out training with a 25kg fridge he has nicknamed Tallulah strapped to his back, Daniel was stopped by police.

He told BBC Breakfast this morning: "I was running through Stevenage, just coming out of the town centre when the police passed me. Before I knew it, they had spun around, illuminated the streets with their blue lights and stopped the whole traffic, and me, to ask me what on earth was going on.

"I reassured them that I could explain, and that nothing untoward was happening.

"It was an amazing interaction in the end. They wished me all the best after I'd put their nerves at ease, and even shook my hand. I left feeling really positive."

News of Daniel's marathon training attracting police attention has gone viral, with his story hitting the national press and television, as well as BBC Three Counties Radio.

Last night, Daniel said: "My phone started going crazy. I’ve had TV and radio offers coming out my ears, and I just can’t believe the interest and support.

"I’ve had 119 donations on JustGiving in the last 24 hours, raised over £2,500 and counting, and I’ve been all over the internet."

Daniel's story even reached as far as Italy and America and, at the time of writing today, the total raised online so far stands at £4,719.

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesman said: "We would like to wish Daniel all the best with training for the marathon."

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