A Hertfordshire dog behaviourist is supporting pet owners who use food banks in Stevenage.

Dog behaviourist Adem Fehmi volunteers at Feed Up Warm Up on Monday evenings at the Lamex Stadium.

Adem, who has 20 years experience, collects and distributes essential pet food and supplies, helping to alleviate pet owners' concerns amid escalating living costs.

His work aims to ensure pets can remain with their families even during tough financial times, and to offer solace to pet owners burdened with caretaking anxieties.

Adem said: "I’m happy to be able to do my bit for the local community.

"It’s fantastic to see Stevenage people supporting each other during increasingly difficult times.

"Pets are such an important part of our lives and bring us so much comfort and joy.

"Feed Up Warm Up helps make it possible for pets to stay at home with their loving owners by providing help when they need it."


A 2023 RSPCA report showed 81 per cent of pet owners worried about rising pet care costs.

Feed Up Warm Up welcomes monetary donations, pet food, everyday essentials and fundraisers.

The charity is committed to serving Stevenage's homeless and vulnerable by providing meals, mental health services, and other vital support.