The ParkPlay scheme, bringing free games and activities to parks, is launching at Jackmans Creamery, Letchworth on February 17.

Boosting mental and physical wellbeing by connecting communities, founder Rick Jenner said ParkPlay helps tackle pressing social issues like isolation, lack of exercise, and mental health problems.

He said: "We connect people and build community. ParkPlay is tackling some of the most pressing social issues of our time - lack of exercise, isolation, mental health and the need for escape.

"As we recover from Covid and now face the cost-of-living crisis it’s never been more important to give communities free ways to connect and boost their wellbeing.”

Hertfordshire County Council and several partners have helped launch the initiative.

Attendees only need to register online and look out for the ParkPlay flag on Saturdays, 10am to 12pm.

The scheme aims to expand, with more locations expected to be announced later this year.

To keep up to date with the latest on ParkPlay events, go to and .