Firefighters struggled to attend an incident in Stevenage after an illegally parked car restricted their ability to access equipment.

At around 4.25am on Tuesday morning (February 6), Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue had been responding to an automatic fire alarm in Brent Court.

A blue Ford, that had been parked illegally, meant that firefighters struggled to access their equipment "quickly and safely".

The Comet: Firefighters struggling to access equipment in Brent Court, Stevenage.Firefighters struggling to access equipment in Brent Court, Stevenage. (Image: Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Fortunately, the incident was a false alarm on this occasion.


A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "This is why it is important to not park on double yellow lines, or in any other space that is not designed for parking.

"Our fire engines are approximately 2.5m wide, and require room either side to open the doors and access equipment in the side lockers.

"We would urge drivers to park sensibly so that emergency vehicles can get to incidents quickly and operate effectively at the scene."