Paradise Wildlife Park has officially reopened as Hertfordshire Zoo.

The zoo has changed its name to reflect its position as a place with conservation and preservation of both rare and endangered animal species at its heart.

Having temporarily closed in January, the zoo reopened to the general public on Saturday, February 10, following essential maintenance and its major rebranding to Hertfordshire Zoo.

The Comet: Changing the signage at Hertfordshire Zoo.Changing the signage at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

On the name change, the zoo's website states: "For the past four decades we have loved being Paradise Wildlife Park and whilst we have grown into one of the most beloved destinations in the county of Hertfordshire, there has always been confusion of what we do and where we are.

"We’re proud to be within the county and being a zoo remains at the forefront of all our decisions. Thus, becoming Hertfordshire Zoo allows us to show everyone our continuous, unwavering dedication for the welfare of the animals in our care and in conservation of their wild counterparts.

"We will now be able to reach new audiences that span further across the country and globe to help educate and learn about the needs of conservation, breeding, research and animal welfare."

The Comet: Changing the sign for the new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo.Changing the sign for the new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

The Sampson family bought what was previously Broxbourne Zoo — once dubbed the country's worst zoo — on April 1, 1984. 

The site in White Stubbs Lane has seen many changes for the better since, and it has now reopened as Hertfordshire Zoo with a range of new attractions for visitors.

With only a few months until the zoo's 40th anniversary, the founder of Paradise Wildlife Park, Peter Sampson, said “it’s time for us to look to the future and as the natural world does, evolve".

He added: "By becoming Hertfordshire Zoo, we want to align ourselves more closely with the whole of the Hertfordshire community and establish ourselves as a good modern zoo that everyone across our county is proud of.

"We will shine a spotlight on Hertfordshire as a positive beacon for animal welfare, conservation, and education."


5 new things at Hertfordshire Zoo this half-term

Hertfordshire Zoo has announced its reopening, packed with new attractions and developments for all ages.

Experience the charm of the zoo's latest animal arrivals, new prehistoric dinosaurs, and stunning new staff uniforms.

Here’s what’s fresh at Hertfordshire Zoo.

1. New Zoo Shop

The Comet: The new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo.The new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

The Zoo Shop has undergone a complete makeover, transforming it into a treasure trove of souvenirs and exclusive zoo merchandise.

Whether you are looking for a cuddly toy version of your favourite animal or unique, eco-friendly gifts, the revamped store has it all.

The Comet: Inside the new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo.Inside the new Zoo Shop at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)


2. New Animal Arrivals

The Comet: Red panda Ash at Hertfordshire Zoo.Red panda Ash at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park / Hertfordshire Zoo.)

Ash, the charming red panda, is here to steal your heart with his playful nature.

Visit Ash and his partner Tilly in their naturalistic habitat for a memorable encounter.

You can also witness the joy of Hertfordshire Zoo's Asian small clawed otter babies, showing off their swimming skills.

The Comet: Baby otter at Hertfordshire Zoo.Baby otter at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

These playful little bundles of joy have been delighting visitors with their curious nature and adventurous behaviours.

Their playful antics are a must-see for visitors.



3. Restaurant Pangea

The Comet: Restaurant Pangaea has opened at Hertfordshire ZooRestaurant Pangaea has opened at Hertfordshire Zoo (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

Introducing Restaurant Pangea, the new themed catering outlet.

Offering a dining adventure that spans the continents, Pangea serves up delicious food for all the family.


4. World of Dinosaurs

The Comet: There are new dinosaurs to see at the World of Dinosaurs at Hertfordshire Zoo.There are new dinosaurs to see at the World of Dinosaurs at Hertfordshire Zoo. (Image: Paradise Wildlife Park)

The 'World of Dinosaurs' has been dramatically expanded, featuring brand new, life-sized dinosaurs that will transport you back to the Jurassic era.

Walk among giants and discover the fascinating world of these ancient creatures through educational displays and lifelike animatronics.

Hertfordshire Zoo's Aaron Whitnall said: "We've welcomed 10 new dinosaurs to our World of Dinosaurs, including the epic Therizinosaurus.

"And on top of that our Rex Express has had a Jurassic upgrade."



5. Stylish New Staff Uniforms

The dedicated zoo staff have a fresh new look. 

The new uniforms, sporting the zoo's new name, are not only stylish but also practical, designed with the comfort of staff and the environment in mind.


Based in White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire Zoo is situated 20 miles north of  London, seven miles from Junction 25 on the M25, and approximately 25 minutes from London Liverpool Street by rail.

Hertfordshire Zoo is a registered charity.