Stevenage Mayor Myla Arceno swung by the town's Repair Café to commend volunteers for extending the lifespan of items destined for landfill.

At the café, which is open the first Saturday of each month between 2pm-5pm, the Mayor interacted with founding members, volunteers and residents determined to be more sustainable through repair.

She witnessed the restoration of items such as vintage family artifacts, electrical devices, apparel, and perambulators.

Advice was also shared with several visitors on prolonging the life of their belongings.

Mayor Arceno praised the town's initiative and revealed her own plans to get her dilapidated possessions mended in the future.

Urging residents with repair skills in various fields to join the community group, she emphasised the initiative's focus on nurturing repair skills and encouraging sustainability.

Items on their last legs can be given a new lease of life, aiding individual sustainability while supporting the environment.