An art exhibition showcasing the work of late artist Amal Ghosh is taking place at Broadway Gallery in Letchworth.

Educated in both India and Britain, Mr Ghosh's painting skills were honed at the esteemed Central School of Arts and Craft.

This was where he specialised in mural painting before advancing to the Hertfordshire College of Art in St Albans.

Viewers can admire pieces that have been recognised by major public collections such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and Art Council England.

As well as those seen in renowned galleries like the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool, the Barbican in London, and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

The Comet:

Significant changes occurred in his work during his tenure at the Central School, a shift attributed to tutors Cecil Collins and Alan Davie — advocates for non-Western art, philosophy, and spirituality.

Encouraged to rediscover his Indian heritage, Mr Ghosh explored the diverse visual traditions of his native culture in his subsequent works.

His artistic evolution from the 1980s saw him delve deeper into human and animal forms.

His distorted and symbolic depictions stem from inspiration drawn from the Ajanta cave murals in India, notable for early Buddhist murals filled with elaborate detail.

Hindu and Buddhist symbols extensively incorporated in Mr Ghosh's work invite viewer interpretation and mindfulness.

The Comet: Entry for this event is priced at £15 (£10 for concessions)

'Amal Ghosh: Bridge', the exhibition presented by Broadway Gallery, functions as part of the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation's charitable service.

Benefiting from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art's substantial support, the event was arranged in collaboration with Iris Ghosh.

In conjunction with the ongoing exhibition 'Amal Ghosh: Bridge,' Broadway Gallery is delighted to announce a symposium on Tuesday, 26 March 2024. This symposium brings together esteemed Art Historians, Researchers, and Practicing Artists to delve into the significance and impact of the Indian Painters Collective and Indian Artist UK collective in Britain. The event will also explore the history and representation of Indian Artists in the British arts.

Running from 9:30am to 3pm, the symposium offers attendees the opportunity to engage with four distinguished speakers, participate in interactive Q&A sessions, enjoy lunch & refreshments, and explore the exhibition 'Amal Ghosh: Bridge.'

Tickets to this exclusive event are priced at £15 (£10 for concessions) and can be booked, along with full program details, at