Planning permission is being sought to transform a single house into nine flats in Granby Road in Stevenage.

Skyline Assets Limited wants to demolish part of the existing two-storey detached house on the site - including the entrance, garage and utility - and extend the property to the rear and side, and upwards to create a second floor.

The intention is to create nine one-bedroom, one-person flats.

The Comet: A computer-generated image of what the new flats would look like.A computer-generated image of what the new flats would look like. (Image: Skyline Assets Limited)

The Design and Access Statement accompanying the planning application submitted to Stevenage Borough Council says: "Located just 50 metres from Lister Hospital, our development of smaller, low-cost apartments is perfectly tailored for single young medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, with salaries ranging from £15,000 to £60,000.

"These units are in high demand due to their ideal location for hospital staff.

"However, market analysis shows a clear lack of supply.

"As of February 21, 2024, within a 0.5-mile radius of Lister Hospital, there is only one one-bedroom apartment available for rent, and none for sale. This underscores the urgent need for such housing solutions.

"Our development aims to address this local shortage by providing affordable, aspirational living options for those seeking close proximity to Lister Hospital."