Plans have been submitted for a new housing development on Green Belt land in Todds Green, near Stevenage.

A planning application, drawn up by Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects, was submitted to Stevenage Borough Council earlier this month.

The proposals would see five large detached properties built, each with at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Each house would have two off-road parking spaces, and electric charging facilities.

They would take over land currently used for grazing horses on Chantry Lane. A new access road would be built off the main road.

The Comet: Five properties with at least four bedrooms each could be built if the plans are approved.Five properties with at least four bedrooms each could be built if the plans are approved. (Image: Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects/Stevenage Borough Council)

While the land is in the Green Belt, the applicants argue that the Local Plan for Stevenage identifies the area around Todds Green as "having potential for development for aspirational homes".

The Local Plan states: "Although great importance is placed on retaining the rural character of [Todds Green, it does] have some potential in terms of helping to meet our housing needs.


"Our research on aspirational homes identifies edge of town locations, particularly Todds Green ... as broad locations where aspirational homes would be appropriate.

"Carefully designed infilling, on a small scale, and redevelopment of brownfield sites could help to fulfil these objectives."

Planning permission was recently granted for 17 homes on a brownfield site close to the proposed new development, which had been home to a riding stables since 1977.

No 'affordable' housing is expected to be included in the proposed new development, as it is not required for developments with fewer than 10 properties.

The UK currently has a significant housing shortage, and the Stevenage Borough Local Plan for 2011-31 identified a need for 7,600 new homes in the area across that period.

According to a report from Heriot-Watt University, around 340,000 new homes need to be supplied in England per year to end the housing shortage. Around 233,000 new homes were supplied in 2021/22.

You can view the Todds Green planning application is full by visiting Stevenage Borough Council's planning portal.