Filming is taking place in Stevenage town centre this morning, with rumours swirling that scenes are being captured for a new Netflix drama.

Sets were spotted in Queensway last night, with a pharmacy supposedly set in Leeds erected ahead of filming starting today.

Videos from the shoot show scenes of a remembrance service being captured, with flowers and a picture of a child laid out in front of the store.


During the service, police arrive to break it up and move people on, but violence then breaks out, which sees people, including officers, thrown to the floor.

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Another scenes depicts a larger protest, with people carrying large signs and smoke also being used.

It is rumoured that the filming is for upcoming Netflix drama In The Room, which stars Suranne Jones and was set to commence production earlier this month.

However, a Stevenage resident at the scene told the Comet that they "spoke to the director who denied it".

The Comet: Filming is rumoured to be for Netflix drama In The Room.Filming is rumoured to be for Netflix drama In The Room. (Image: Jeremy Williams)