Three ferrets that were dumped in Stevenage are still searching for a new home, with an animal charity concerned that the species is being "overlooked".

On National Ferret Day, Martlesham Animal Centre, which is run by the RSPCA's Suffolk central branch, is appealing to find new homes for a number of creatures in their care.

Among them are Athena, Artemis & Aphrodite, who have been looking for a home since September, when they were abandoned in their cage in an alleyway behind Macrae Close, Stevenage.

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"Sadly we just are not getting any interest from people wanting to rehome them and unfortunately these lovely boys and girls are all being overlooked," said Zoe Barret, centre manager.

"We have always had a lot of ferrets coming into the centre, but this is the most we have had for a long time.

"Most ferrets are very curious and enjoy exploring and investigating their environment. This means they need plenty to keep them occupied so they don’t become bored.

"They all love to play, chase, race around, play hide and seek, or just enjoy some fuss and a snooze."