Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is recruiting a nature and wellbeing manager.

The new position, with an advertised salary of £42,000 - £45,000, will focus on promoting access to nature and outdoor spaces, striving to meet the foundation's goal of making Letchworth an idyllic place for young people to grow up and enhance their wellbeing through access to nature.

The appointed manager will develop policy, strategy, and a delivery plan, collaborate with local partners, and have a significant role in managing social investments and supervising volunteering opportunities.

The role also extends to managing social investments, overseeing volunteering, and standing as the foundation's representative on nature and wellbeing matters.

Graham Fisher, chief executive of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, said: "We’re so lucky in Letchworth to have access to such unrivalled green spaces and nature.

"At the Heritage Foundation we’re committed to continuing Ebeneezer Howard’s vision of delivering the best in town and country to our residents.

"This new role will enable us to increase access to nature and the outdoors for the community of Letchworth Garden City and make the most of our natural assets."

Those interested in this instrumental role are urged to visit letchworth.com and submit their application before Sunday, April 28, 2024.