Dylan Huang - a wealthy Chinese businessman - has described being hit in the face and eyes during his alleged kidnap at a Hertfordshire golf course.

The man in his 30s told a jury yesterday (Tuesday, April 9) that he had been playing golf at Brocket Hall on October 24 last year (2023) when five men jumped out of a car and rushed at him.

He described how one man pointed a gun at him, while he was hit in the face and eyes and forced into the back of the black Audi Q7, which left the scene at speed.

In a recorded interview with the police, Mr Huang said he tried very hard to resist but was unable to do so.

He said: “They put me on the back seat of the car with somebody holding my head and the other holding my feet. They put a cover to my head . I couldn’t see anything.

“In the car I tried to resist and tried to kick the door. I was told if I tried to do this again they would kill me with a knife straight away.

"They put me down in the space between the back seat and the front seat. They put their feet on my head and my body.”

According to Huang, the kidnappers drove for another two hours before he was taken to a house and led up spiral stairs to a room where he was placed in a cage. 

 “I couldn’t stand up. My legs couldn’t stretch straight. My head was covered and they had already put handcuffs on my hands and legs.”

Prosecutor Russell Pyne said: “Mr Huang was taken to a property at Thursley near Guildford in Surrey, where was blindfolded and tape was put over his mouth.

"He was walked up some spiral stairs before being placed in a cage, where he could not stand up straight. He was given food, but was not allowed out to use the lavatory.

The prosecutor said the victim was asked about his means and how a ransom would be paid. “They wanted to be paid in 15 million US dollars in bit coin.

“After several hours it seemed the kidnappers were getting angry. They started to hurt him - hitting his leg with some sort of object.”

Huang's 30-hour ordeal came to an end when he was driven off in a car and released in a remote area near the Silvermere Golf course in Cobham, Surrey, and he raised the alarm at a house.

Andrew Scott, the property manager at Brocket Hall, told the jury he was in a meeting with the managing director when he was alerted by a noise that sounded like somebody was being beaten up.

He said he saw three or four Asian people on top of a man: “I saw handcuffs on his wrists. They dragged him across to a black car. He was very frightened. He was screaming.”

Mr Scott described the kidnappers as “very smart with trousers and white shirts. One was bald and the other three or four weren’t.”

Tianfu Guo - a 35-year-old of no fixed address - has denied conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to blackmail and possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

Mr Pyne told the jury that six other suspects have been identified, but are believed to have returned to China.

The trial continues.