Set to open in the coming weeks, Turkish delivery service Kolay Grill has been taking shape at Stevenage Enterprise Park.

The company is based at Unit 29 of the Orchard Road industrial park, with signage already in place.

Construction on a kitchen area is under way at the site, and two large fridges have been installed.

The Comet sat down with Charlotte Ruth Nash, one of Kolay Grill's directors, to discuss the company's plans.

The Comet: The exterior of Kolay Grill, Stevenage.The exterior of Kolay Grill, Stevenage. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"The vision originally was that we were going to open a restaurant", Charlotte began.

"With COVID, we just saw this increase in all the local restaurants, their delivery service just went mental!

"But, we've noticed a gap in the market where there is no restaurant quality. You can order a kebab and its fine, we all know what a kebab is, but ours is restaurant quality and we can focus solely on delivering it to the customer.

"We know all the restaurants here, and they're amazing, but they have to balance between delivering to customers and trying to serve people in the restaurant.

The Comet: Kolay Grill's kitchen taking shape.Kolay Grill's kitchen taking shape. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"It's going to be really high end, we've got really good chefs coming in, really good quality meat.

"We have spent literally years researching and making sure that we're getting the best, I just can't wait to see it come to fruition."

Charlotte described the reasons why she wanted to open a Turkish delivery service, and her family's relationship with Turkish food.

"My partner is Turkish, so we've always had big Turkish barbeques at our house.

The Comet: Two large fridges have been installed at Kolay Grill.Two large fridges have been installed at Kolay Grill. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"The Turkish love their food, they love being hospitable and having people around, making sure that they're well fed and happy.

"It's all about the food and gathering. We've done that for 10, 15 years with all our friends and family.

"About four years ago, during COVID, we couldn't have our barbecues every week. We got thinking that we want to do this for not just friends and family, we want it to go further.

The Comet: Kolay Grill will open in the coming weeks.Kolay Grill will open in the coming weeks. (Image: Kolay Grill)

"We wanted to do a restaurant, and even looked at a place on St Albans high street but at the last minute we just thought 'this isn't us, it's going to take over our lives'.

"We want it to be family-run. We've got two children, 15 and eight, and they're so proud of it as well.

"They come in here and they're so proud that this is their business. So, it's just become this family-run Turkish place and we just really want to make people feel how they would feel at our barbecues."

The Comet: Charlotte described her family's links with Turkish food.Charlotte described her family's links with Turkish food. (Image: Kolay Grill)

This family-run ethos looks set to continue at Kolay Grill, as Charlotte outlined the family's future plans for the business.

Asked about plans to eventually expand beyond Stevenage, the mother of two replied: "Yes, I hope so.


"Our son is 15, nearly. Obviously it depends on what he wants to do when he's older but - if he wants to - the plan is that when he is 18 he will pop one up maybe in Hertford or St Albans, real foodie places.

"Then we have another son who is eight. If he wants to when he's older, he can open his own one somewhere else."

The Comet: Traditional cooking methods will be utilised at Kolay Grill.Traditional cooking methods will be utilised at Kolay Grill. (Image: Kolay Grill)

Kolay Grill will deliver throughout Stevenage and is set to open in the coming weeks.