A Hertfordshire filmmaker's new film about aliens is set to debut at Cannes Film Festival next month - the first ever UFO documentary to air at the prestigious event.

Mark Christopher Lee's controversial new film, God Vs Aliens, explores the impact that first contact with extra terrestrials would have on society and the world's religions, and is now set to shock audiences at Cannes in May.

"The film has been picked up by Hollywood distributor California Pictures, who were formed in the 1920s by media tycoon Howard Hughes," said Mark, who is from St Albans.

"It's great to have a historic Hollywood company behind it. They are showing it at Cannes so it's super exciting and I think the first ever UFO documentary to be shown there."

One of his featuring at Cannes has been a long-term ambition for Mark, who continued: "I only started making films two years ago, and I had a picture of the Cannes Film Festival on my vision board by my bed so I could visualise being there.

"Now I'm off to see my film and to sign posters. How cool is that?"

The film features exclusive interviews with the world’s leading UFO experts, including Nick Pope, who previously ran the Ministry of Defence's UFO department.

Other interviewees include Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University, alleged UFO abductee Tony Topping, and Rev Daniel Thompson, who claimed our "first contact with aliens will make people’s heads explode".