A 'Little Free Library' has been installed in Stevenage, in the hope it will become "a wholesome community amenity".

Little Free Library is a not-for-profit organisation based in the US, whose mission is to bring free books to everybody.

Michelle Chai is the steward of the new library at Costellos cafe in Fairlands Valley Park. She said: "I hope it'll become a wholesome community amenity where locals can swap and share books.

"My primary goal of the Little Free Library is to make sure that children always have access to books that they can read and keep if they want to.

"For other keen readers, it's a great place to rehome books when you've nowhere to keep or share them.

"As the steward, I regularly visit to change up the books and keep it tidy."

Even if you take a book, there is no obligation to leave one.