Election candidates in North East Herts have vowed to protect the NHS in their latest manifestos.

The Liberal Democrats have laid out a £9bn to tackle the health and care crisis - giving everyone easier access to GP and dentist appointments, and helping patients start cancer treatment earlier.

Lib Dem candidate Ruth Brown said: "People desperately want change, from fixing our health and care services to returning to proper community policing, the Liberal Democrats have a plan to make our community a better place. 

Liberal Democrat candidate Ruth BrownLiberal Democrat candidate Ruth Brown (Image: Courtesy of Ruth Brown)

"A vote for me at this election, is a vote to elect a strong local community champion, who will fight every day for our NHS and care, to support those most affected by the cost of living crisis and to protect and enhance our environment."

Conservative candidate Nikki Da Costa outlined her party's plans to support the NHS.

She said: "It's extremely important that residents have great quality care.

"We have invested record amounts in the NHS and, as a result of Conservative action, construction starts next year on a world-class cancer research hospital and a specialist children's hospital in this region.

Conservative candidate Nikki Da CostaConservative candidate Nikki Da Costa (Image: North East Herts Conservatives)

"But there is more work to do to reduce waiting lists: the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan will bring more doctors and nurses to the area and we are investing in a new NHS Productivity Plan, delivering more resources to cut waiting lists and improve care.

"We will do the hard work to continue the progress made." 


Meanwhile Labour has promised to cut NHS waiting times, double the number of cancer scanners, deliver 700,000 extra urgent dental appointments and recruit 8,500 additional mental health staff.

Labour candidate Chris Hinchliff said: "As we look at the NHS now, it is clearly broken. It is far too difficult to get a GP appointment and waiting lists are absurdly long.

Labour candidate Chris HinchliffLabour candidate Chris Hinchliff (Image: Courtesy of Chris Hinchliff)

"We are seeing a two-tier system emerge, as those who can afford it are going private to be seen faster, while those who can’t are being left behind.”

"We must change the NHS so that it becomes not just a sickness service, but able to prevent ill heath in the first place. We have saved the NHS before, and the next Labour Government will do so again."

Also running in North East Herts are Green Party candidate Vicky Burt and Steve Adelantado for Reform UK.