Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the NHS - and to mark the occasion, we asked for pictures of your NHS heroes.

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Whether they worked on the front line of the coronavirus wards, tended to our emergency dental problems, or have been vaccinating the nation - the NHS have had an unprecedented year.

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We at the Comet wanted to thank each and every one of our NHS heroes for their hard work, both throughout the pandemic, and for the last 73 years.

%image(15618926, type="article-full", alt="Katie said of staff at Shephall Dental Surgery: "behind the masks always a smile on their faces."")

Katie Withington said: "To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the NHS, I would like to thank all the staff and dentists at Shephall Dental Surgery for their hard work over the past 15 months.(and before).

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"They worked throughout the pandemic and although behind the masks always a smile on their faces."

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Sharon Hearn wanted to thank Michael, paramedic, and Roni Hearn, emergency medical technicians, while Roni Hearn sang the praises of student paramedic Zoe Parnham.

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