A memorial service for former Stevenage mayor Bob Fowler is set to take place later this month.

The service will begin at 2pm at The Friends Meeting House - on Cuttys Lane, Stevenage - on Saturday, October 22.

Bob Fowler passed away during the coronavirus lockdown in April 2020.

Due to restrictions at the time, only a small funeral - with immediate family members present - could take place.

The Comet: At 84 years of age - Bob was still able to beat his eldest daughter at chess.At 84 years of age - Bob was still able to beat his eldest daughter at chess. (Image: Archant)

Now, a larger memorial service will take place at the Quaker place of worship, in which a greater number of people will be able to pay their respects.

A Silent Meeting of Worship will be held, prior to an opportunity for those who wish to speak and reflect on their memories of Mr Fowler.

Having been a Quaker since his 20s, Bob spent time as head of religious education at Chells Secondary School, and as a teacher at The Priory School in Hitchin.

His teaching roles at both schools spanned approximately 30 years.

During his career on the council, Mr Fowler served as the Mayor of Stevenage in both the 1977/78 and 1991/92 terms.

Prior to that, he spent time as a Labour Councillor for the Bedwell and St Nicholas wards, having moved to Stevenage in 1965.

In the 1970s and '80s, Mr Fowler chaired Stevenage Council’s Planning Committee, and had a decisive impact on housing in the town.

The Comet: Bob Fowler in his teens.Bob Fowler in his teens. (Image: Archant)

Cllr Simon Speller, of Stevenage Borough Council, said: “Bob Fowler served on the Urban District Council and Borough Council for 32 years, in two spells, from 1966 to 1969, and 1970 to 1999, when the cabinet system replaced the committee system.

"He was Mayor twice: in 1977/78, and 1991/92.

"In his first term he was delighted to confirm the end of the line for the controversial Road 9 proposed by the Development Corporation to cut through Fairlands Valley.

"In his second term he championed the new town's history, and later wrote some memoirs.

"A studious, thoughtful and deeply principled man, Bob taught religious studies, and became a Quaker.

"He obtained a BA degree from the Open University, on top of all his commitments.

"He was liked and respected by both officers and members alike.”

In his personal life, Bob was married to his former wife Sylvia for over 30 years, prior to their divorce.

He was a father to four children, Jacqueline, Belinda, Ruth and Luke.

Bob was also a grandfather to eight, and great-grandfather to three.

In his later years, visits to Bob's sheltered care accommodation at Abbeyfield, Stevenage, were enjoyed by the family.

Mr Fowler was a resident at Abbeyfield for many years and, after his passing, the family expressed their desire to thank the centre's staff for going above and beyond in attending to Bob’s personal care and medical needs.

Just five weeks prior to his passing - at 84 years of age - Bob was still able to beat his eldest daughter at chess, during one of these family visits.

Bob's family have extended an invite, for those who knew him, to attend the memorial service and pay their respects.