Another trip to the third round of the FA Cup and another potential "magical day" is high on the agenda of Stevenage manager Steve Evans.

Boro go to King's Lynn Town on Saturday for a second-round fixture with the BBC and the nation watching.

But the carrot of a third-round appearance, what would be the fourth in 10 seasons for Boro, is something that whets the boss's appetite.

Evans said: "Paul [Raynor] and I have been fortunate to get to the fourth and fifth round on a couple of occasions and they are special. 

"You have to look after yourselves when you come up against opposition from a similar level to you or below you. 

"Then you have to get the run of the ball and the breaks when you come up against the higher-placed teams. 

"We have had some magical days but you only get those magical days by dealing with days like Saturday. 

"You look at the King’s Lynn celebrations after the win at Doncaster. That was a magical day for their players and [manager] Tommy Widdrington and the supporters 

"We have to make sure we look after ourselves." 

But as well as the memories a trip to the third round could bring, victory over the Linnetts could carry a hugely important financial spin-off.

The victory over Gateshead in the first round earned the club £41,000 while a second success on Saturday would see Boro pocket another £67,000.

Evans said: "I had a really interesting conversation with a manager after we had won our three games in the Papa John’s. 

"I spoke then about the difference that could make to our chairman with every win in the group stage. 

"That manager said he doesn’t really think about that but I do. 

"Every penny we give our football club gives the chairman the chance to invest it in either infrastructure or players in January or other staff we have behind the scenes. 

"I know how tough it is to raise money to pay for a football club. 

"The prize money is very important."