Arthur Read's rumoured move to Colchester United from Stevenage is still on the table but no deal has been done yet says manager Steve Evans.

The 23-year-old midfielder has been linked with Boro's League Two rivals after struggling to hold down a regular place in Evans' side.

The boss admitted there are talks, although he is not involved in them, but he has given the switch the green light.

"The clubs are talking," he said. "I don’t know how far down the road that has got. 

"I don’t get involved in that, I just said I would be OK with it if it happens. 

"Our chairman is doing his bit and I know from personal circumstances that we have a tough negotiator in Phil Wallace. 

"From that point of view the clubs are talking but I think the player has had a chat as well." 

While the likelihood is the move will happen, Evans says they are in a great position where despite the myriad of approaches for his squad, Stevenage do not need to sell and the only reason for moving would be to get more game time.

The boss said: "There have been lots [of interest] but as our chairman has said, no-one leaves the building unless I tick the box. That’s a good position to be in. 

"There might be one or two that leave but they will leave because of what people don’t see. 

"When they knock at my door and ask where is my game time and I look at my squad, we have to be so honest with them. These days you can’t blag it, you have to be honest. 

"They ask am I going to play in the next two or three games or longer and if the answer is, or repeatedly becomes ‘I don’t really see it’ then you have to let them go and play football. 

"They could be my sons and if it was my son, I would tell them to go and play football. 

"The minute you’re not really competing to be in the team in someone’s eyes, and if they are the decision maker, perhaps you move."