A seal of approval from a former Stevenage favourite was enough for Steve Evans to know he wanted Josh Reid.

The 20-year-old full-back came in on loan from Coventry City for the remainder of the season as a replacement for Saxon Earley, who departed for Plymouth Argyle at the beginning of the month.

And while the Boro boss spoke to many people, it was conversations with two of Reid's Sky Blues team-mates, and ex-Boro striker Matty Godden in particular, that sealed the deal.

Evans said: "We had full-backs put to us late in the day but we kept going back to the model and that was to bring in someone to compete with Max [Clark] who was preferably somebody young, somebody we could develop, somebody who was really strong defensively and someone who perhaps needed a loan.

"Josh ticked every one of those boxes.  

"My referees were obviously managers in Scotland that played against the kid [when he was with Ross County].

"People are perhaps demeaning of the standard up there but to have played 20 games in the SPL at 18 and 19, that gets you a big money move to Coventry.

"And then the competition at Coventry is really tough but speaking to Kyle McFadzean and speaking to Matty Godden, both said absolutely, 1,000,000 per cent.  

"That was enough for me."

The deal wasn't announced until 7.30pm on deadline day but Evans revealed that Coventry manager Mark Robins had agreed the switch earlier in the afternoon.

And when Evans was asked how to describe his new full-back, he was very swift and calm about his appraisal.

"Saxon," he replied. "Saxon Earley, that's who he reminds you of.

"We need to get him up to speed. The kid has played U23 football and he's spent a lot time on the bench in Coventry but on the bench and watching and if you are clever, you are learning.  

"We see Reidy very much as another Saxon, one we'll work with and try to develop where he'll play some weeks and some weeks he won't get in.

"But he has to get into Max Clark's shirt first and Max has been excellent in the last few games. Against Leyton Orient he was outstanding.

"So [Reid] has got to get his shirt."