Reading manager Ruben Selles has given an explanation to the situation that left Steve Evans perplexed.

The Boro boss had expressed surprise that a member of the Royals' backroom staff had been able to speak to the referee a little more than an hour before to explain their tactics.

Evans had said the incident, prior to the 2-0 defeat at the Madejski, was "new on him".

His opposite number though sought to clarify what had happened.

Speaking to the Comet's sister title, the Reading Chronicle, Selles said: "We were told by Howard Webb that if we had any situations in a football match that we wanted to clarify, then we can go before the game in the meeting with the referees and show them the picture and qualify the rules.

"What happened is that we had some strategies ready for the game and I spoke to the main referee when we had the meeting that I will send in one of our analysts to show him one picture about one law of the game - if we are able to do it or not.

"One of my analysts went to speak with the referee to tell him what the rule was about, and he clarified that you are able to do that.

"Everything else is out of context.

"If I’m in the build-up and the referee is in the way of my line of passing, I may want to go to the referee and say ‘Listen, we are building up in that style, if you can modify your position because I need that line of passing open'.

"Then the referee knows."