Steve Evans confirmed that Charlie McNeill is in the building ahead of his proposed loan switch from Manchester United - and he might not be the only one if the boss has his way.

The 19-year-old striker should move for the full season and Evans says he is trying for a couple of new faces.

"I’ve seen someone from Manchester walking around the building," said the boss with a huge grin.

"The only reason I know that is he looks like he is from Manchester," he added as a joke.

"We hope to do some business. It’s not going to be four or five but we’re trying to get a couple. 

"It has to be the right two players, maybe three, but the right two players to complete the group."

He also revealed he had been contacted very early on deadline day by a summer target, the player himself informing the Boro boss that he was suddenly available.

Evans said: "I got a call from a player at 7am this morning saying he had been made available yesterday evening at 6pm. 

"And that was after being told earlier in the summer when we tried to get him, that he was simply not available. 

"This type of thing happens. 

"You have to look at your balance of your squad and the cover you got and whether they will help you achieve what you want to achieve. 

"But there will be players being told by their manager mid-afternoon today, and this is reckless of football really, that they have too many or the board are putting them under pressure to release them. 

"We operate on a communication basis here, every day. There are no secrets between myself, the chairman or Leon Hunter. 

"The chairman knows every day who is available, who has trained and who has not. That is how you should run your football club. 

"We have a certain benchmark of availability when it comes to players and a benchmark in terms of wages and finances. 

"Our chairman has challenge Leon and I to stay within our numbers."

Should it only be one player, or even none, Evans is still confident of the players already at his disposal.

"We are in the middle of what other clubs might call an injury crisis," he said. 

"It might only be three, four or five weeks but that’s six or seven league games. 

"We have to be mindful of that. 

"We’re asking everyone to do a little extra if you like and that’s credit to the players. 

"You only have to look at Alex MacDonald at right back last week. He was man of the match and in the team of the week. 

"This group will get us through until we get everybody back. 

"But if we get Nick Freeman back and if Luther James-Wildin is available, we’ve already got Dan Sweeney and Harry Anderson, that’s four big players."

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