Steve Evans feels clubs in the EFL and referees would benefit from the introduction of VAR through all of the top four divisions.

The Stevenage boss made the suggestion after Boro had a goal wrongly ruled out for offside just before half-time at Blackpool on Saturday.

That would have sent the sides into the break level, changing the complexion of the contest.

Instead they lost 3-0 and Evans received another apology from the top brass and it has left the boss wanting a change to the status quo.

Evans said: "Listen, I don't profess to say I'm a big lover of VAR. Everyone loves the [immediate] emotion of being a football supporter in a ground. 

There's many pundits asked this week if I mean it but the fact is, when they're getting decisions as bad as what the officials are getting, in particular in the EFL, then something has to be done. 

"The ultimate prize for every club in the EFL, believe it or not, is to be in the Premier League.  

"Some of us may never ever get there but that's the prize we're all playing for. 

"So the Premier League should be supporting all the way down the pyramid to ensure that, and the clubs in the Championship should be next in line because they're playing for such a great prize. 

"But I only have to look at the emails I’m getting. We got a verbal apology on Tuesday [after Blackpool], we got a written apology for Bolton the week before and it just doesn't stop. 

"We’ve even had one of the top heads of referees, Kevin Friend, come here last week after Bolton and we’ve gone through six or seven key incidents and it was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. 

"We're sick of it and VAR would eliminate a lot of these issues although, like everyone, I would get frustrated if it went against you rather than for you." 

He was quick to say that he didn't feel he and the club was being victimised but that it was a wider issue affecting everyone in football.

He said: "This isn't just a Steve Evans and Stevenage thing, it’s not about us, it’s about the wider context of the game. 

"When I spoke to Mike Riley on Sunday morning, who’s the head of it all, he said he had eight or nine managers to speak to. 

"And he does and he does it intelligently and with a real degree of honesty. 

"He was a top referee himself but he can't get out there himself and officiate for the guys that are getting some decisions badly wrong, so it is really about the quality of the refereeing. 

"I'm the first to say that when I referee in training, I get moaned at and howled at by the players. It’s a tough job but they get paid to do a tough job." 

How it could be done is just one sticking point. The likelihood is cost and infrastructure would be a huge problem for many but Evans believes there are options available, VAR-lite if you would.

The Stevenage boss said: "I don't think a ground like the Lamex or grounds at most in League One and League Two could support VAR and the cameras and the stations and the feedback and the studios.

"But would there be any reason not to have somebody sit in the stand with a television screen in front of them, because we stream all the games. 

"Would there be anything wrong with a senior match official who would become accountable to sitting in the stand? 

"They're all on ear-pieces, they are all speaking to each other. The assessor who will sit in the stand on Saturday will hear every comment between the referee and the fourth official and the assistants. 

"So is there anything wrong who someone sitting with a television screen saying ‘I’m going to have a look at this’. 

"That doesn't [require] all the infrastructure you have at the top level but it still gives you a degree of confidence. 

"So that would be in, in my view, a simple way to try and do something."