Match referee Sam Purkiss has explained the reasoning and thought process behind the decision to postpone Stevenage's League One home game against Barnsley.

The clash at the Lamex Stadium was called off shortly after 1pm following a second pitch inspection.

The first, at 11am, had revealed areas of concern in a number of places and one of them had failed to improve in the intervening two hours.

The official said: "We've got an area that's about 18 yards from the touchline on the [East Terrace] side that is basically like a glass layer. 

"The covers were on last night and despite the efforts of the staff down here to try and shift that this morning, it just hasn't thawed. 

"I think we've basically got a permafrost. 

"The rising temperatures were a factor that we hoped would play into our advantage and create a thaw but they just haven't done so. 

"I think basically we're half a day probably on the wrong side of this weather front. 

"The penalty area at [the South Stand] end wasn't playable at 11am but it is now. 

"But that 20-yard is not playable."

He went on to explain that player safety was the paramount reason for the final decision.

"The issue is it doesn’t take the stud," said Mr Purkiss. "The stud doesn't go into the ground when you plant your foot and the foot slides before it goes into the turf. 

"That becomes an issue not just necessarily running but particularly on contact and challenges and there's a greater chance of injury. 

"There's also an issue with the frost out there and players falling on it. I was speaking to some of the players out there and there’s that to consider, although that is less of a factor. 

"Those things were all considered."