A quiet transfer window could be down financial fair play believes Steve Evans.

The Stevenage boss brought just three new faces in at Lames this month and there is unlikely to be any more as deadline day moves to its close.

It is not just Boro though where the transfer door remains unmoved, the rest of the divisions across England are just as quieter compared to recent years.

And the Stevenage boss believes that comes from the very top.

"I think you look to the top level of the game," he said. "That always filters down whether it's transfer fees or VAR or officials. 

"They all seem to circle their way down. 

"I think the amount of clubs that have got into trouble with this financial fair play, there’s already a couple of clubs that have been dealt with and you've seen a couple more with charges levied against them and that will go where it goes.  

"And if you listen to the rumours from working in our industry, there's going to be a few more.

"So when you see the money stagnate a little bit at the top level, you know it's going to stagnate as it comes down the levels. 

"There has been some good solid movement in the last 48 hours in League One though, some really good players.  

"And as you would expect, it tends to be the big clubs with the big resources.  

"The Pompey owners has woken up in the last five days and spent his money, but they've made some super signings.  

"Charlton will still be signing players, they’ll not be sticking with the six or seven they’ve already got. 

"And that will continue all the way through those clubs. 

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"But we have to look inside and look at the options for us. Do they genuinely strengthen us? Do they walk in the door and really be considered to start on Saturday against Blackpool? 

"That’s the first question that Phil Wallace would ask me – would he start? 

"Phil Wallace getting his cheque book out has never been a problem here. He’ll always support us."