The Steve Evans era at Stevenage will be remembered for many reasons.

The chief one is obviously the performances on the pitch and the rise up the divisions. Boro were floundering prior to his arrival in March 2022 so the ascension has been as delightful as it was surprising.

He helped change the way the club is viewed too, they are 'little old' Stevenage no more.

However, the thing that I will miss is the quotes, he truly was the golden goose of content for journalists and I was lucky enough to have him to speak to on a regular basis.

He also came up with some corking quotes and these are 10 of the best from this season alone, all said during actual interviews.

Steve Evans' best quotes from season 2023-2024 at Stevenage

1."He came back looking more like me than Dan Sweeney but it is fair to say he went to work and he has been relentless." - v Leyton Orient - on Dan Sweeney's return 

2."At 10.30pm last night, I was at home, and Leon Hunter told me to go to bed as we were done. But at 10.45pm, he rang me up to say we have permission from Spurs to do this and I told him good luck." - v Leyton Orient - on Harvey White's deadline day move

3."They've got problems with VAR in the Premier League. They've got big problems if that's the standard of officials in League One." - v Bolton away

4."Dan Butler has acted like a 10-year-old with the challenge in the box. It’s just a simple stand them up and send them away but he dives in and it’s a penalty, I’ve got no complaints with that." - v Bolton away

5."This football club is a baby factory, I'm giving them too much time off." - v Crystal Palace, after Louis Thompson's baby

6."I've probably been nearer the starting XI than Harvey [White] has for a number of weeks but the players know how good he’s been [in training]." - FA Cup v Tranmere Rovers

7."Our supporters turned up in big numbers and I wish I could invite everyone of them to my birthday party tomorrow, but I can't. But I'm certainly going to be inviting the likes of Joey Barton. He's going to come along and have a bit of cake." - v Derby County, a few days after Barton's comments about Evans

8."He’s another St George’s Park, Championship referee. Championship my knackers." - v Bristol Rovers

9."I don't remember my goalkeeper making a save other than the one he put over the bar and with all due respect, my wee grand-daughter was one yesterday and she could have put it over the bar." - v Port Vale at home in the league

10."Obviously, if you get smashed in the face by Piergianni you're probably going to be leaving the pitch and that's what happened." - Luther Wildin carried off on stretcher v Wigan Athletic