So where do Stevenage go next?

The departure of Steve Evans for Rotherham United came very much out of the blue. The thought was that there was only a few holes to fill to get Boro from play-off nearly rans to certainties.

However, that does give any new manager a very good starting point to build their own promotion-winning squad.

The problem is other than chairman Phil Wallace and the board, nobody has the first idea who to appoint as successor. So many names have been mentioned but there is no one clear favourite, no one person that has won over the majority enough.

And aside from the actual name, nobody can decide which avenue you take. Do you go for experienced at the level, up and coming from the division below or do you plump for an unproven but hugely promising academy or U23 coach?

The bookies are also a bit shrug emoji, with their initial list containing many bog-standard, almost stock names. Those names are still the ones being mentioned almost 24 hours later.

Gareth Ainsworth leads the race so far from Scott Lindsey of Crawley Town with Michael Duff third in line at the minute.

The former Wycombe boss might be a non-starter though, nobody knows how steep his severance deal from QPR was or what the actual terms of that are.

He would fall into the experienced at the level category though with Lindsey sitting in group two, and Duff would be someone who perhaps spans the two.

But what of the younger brigade?

Lincoln have proved with Michael Skubala that if you get the appointment right, there are some gems to be picked up.

So here are a few options that may be considered.

Five young, up and coming coaches who might be options

1.Paddy McCarthy (Crystal Palace)

Like Skubala, he has had a spell as caretaker at a club. While Skubala's stint was at Leeds, McCarthy took over after Patrick Vieira was sacked and Roy Hodgson left.

Now on the coaching staff under Oliver Glasner at Selhurst Park, he might feel, understandably, that his future and career is better served there.

But if he wanted to push out on his own, Stevenage and League One would be a ground proving ground.

2.Barry Lewtas (Liverpool)

Took over as U23/U21 boss at Anfield after Neil Critchley moved to Blackpool so instantly the pathway has been established, the breeding ground acknowledged.

And you don't get a gig at Liverpool if you're not talented. Won the FA Youth Cup while head of the Reds' U18s and was with Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers before that.

3.Matt Wells (Tottenham Hotspur)

Had a spell at Shephalbury while building up his CV and was assistant to Scott Parker while at Bournemouth.

Now part of Ange Postecoglou's posse, is that a position he would want to give up, especially considering he is Spurs through and through, and grandson of Tottenham legend Cliff Jones? Doubtful to say the least. 

4.Ryan Mason (Tottenham Hotspur)

Staying with Tottenham, he wasn't one on my radar until a late-night Twitter conversation. Very entrenched with Spurs, been caretaker there, and it is very much his club.

But if he wants to fly solo, and get a grounding away from the comfort zone and away from the pressure to a certain extent, then Stevenage might fit the bill. Think Michael Carrick leaving Manchester United and heading to Middlesbrough.

Mason looks to have the qualities required to be a good manager in the very near future.

5.Alex Revell (Stevenage)

To my mind, I think he will go to Rotherham in the summer. Feels like his staying could have been part of the deal that allowed Evans to go now.

Probably does want another shot in the big chair though.


I'd have put Tom Huddlestone on this list but he is way too green at the moment. He will feature in these lists very soon though, very highly thought of.

What about Ronnie Henry? An undoubted Stevenage legend and has been part of the U18 set-up for some years. Has continued to play for the last few seasons with Royston Town but is now 40. Is it time to go fully into coaching? If not the boss, it wouldn't surprise me if he came into the first-team set-up under the new manager.

And finally, I saw Keith Bell mentioned too. Wouldn't have thought so. Disciplinary record is poor and keeps watching videos while he's on the bench...