Widespread anger and even calls for a boycott have greeted the decision by the Football Association and Premier League to scrap replays in the FA Cup from the first round proper on.

The decision was taken with zero involvement of EFL or non-league clubs according to Tranmere Rovers and Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace was one of them questioning why.

Speaking on BBC Five Live, he said: "If you're coming from an angle of the Premier League and players and protecting them, the England game and everything else, then you can see the logic.

"But football's not about just that, the Premier League, it's about the whole country and the 72 EFL [clubs] and the National League.

"Imagine when a National League club draws a Premier League club and gets a draw at home. That is the magic of the FA Cup and that won't happen any more."

Some, like League Two Tranmere, who almost took Stevenage to a replay in the year's first round, were a lot more scathing.

In a statement, they said: "There was no consultation with Football League clubs, National League clubs or grassroots clubs, to whom the competition represents not only their best opportunity to create life-long memories for supporters but also a hugely important source of income.

"The decision, and the way it was taken, demonstrate a total lack of respect for the football pyramid and its fans.

"We condemn the changes wholeheartedly and urge the FA to suspend them immediately until all stakeholders in the game are properly consulted."

Bradford City's statement was also damning.

They said: "The announcement, which we received as everyone else did as breaking news, perhaps tells us who has the greatest influence over the running of the English game, and leaves us with real concerns over the governance of the sport.

"We would have hoped The FA would have stood up for the wider game and, in our view, this decision is not in any way justifiable in the interest of protecting arguably the best pyramid in world football.

"Clubs in divisions outside of the top flight play a significant role in the growth and development of the English game, and without us, the Premier League is not and cannot be what it is today.

"There are more than 700 teams which enter the FA Cup every year. Only 20, as we understand it, were consulted around this decision, and involved in its outcome.

"This move denies the opportunity for clubs in the lower leagues to generate potentially transformational revenue which could change the course of a football club’s future.

"While retrospective consultation would be nothing more than an insult, we believe this is necessary, and real compensation should be provided for clubs who have not been considered throughout this process.

"We will work closely with the EFL and fellow member clubs and do all we can to oppose this decision."

National League South Farnborough added: "To suspend replays when the Premier League clubs haven't even come into the competition seems even more bizarre."