Alex Revell admitted that only two clubs could have tempted Steve Evans away from Stevenage - and unfortunately for Boro, one of them came calling with an offer he couldn't refuse.

Evans shocked many when he decided to leave the Lamex and head back to Rotherham United.

Loyal assistant Paul Raynor went with him and it left Revell holding the fort at Boro until the end of the season at least, starting with a 1-1 draw away to Oxford United.

And the caretaker felt that that only the Millers or Evans' beloved Glasgow Celtic could have enticed him enough.

He said: "Ultimately any successful manager is going to attract attention and he's attracted attention many times this year. 

"But he’s always said that there are two clubs that are in his heart. Stevenage has now become a massive part of his life and he has a lovely family at home that he wants to spend time with.  

"I think it's unfinished business for him at Rotherham and the fact they're willing to pay to take him away from us shows how much they want him. 

"Ultimately as a club, we have to learn that maybe it actually has to happen. Unfortunately that's part of football.  

"But I know that there are two clubs, one is Celtic and he says that's not happening at the moment, and the next one is Rotherham

"It's hard to say he doesn’t deserve the chance. We all wanted him to stay, we’ve all loved having him here, but he does deserve it because it's in his heart. 

"But believe me, I know that making the decision was probably the hardest thing he’s had to do in a very long time."