Trust is one of the big things he has learned over the last few years - and Alex Revell says he has no doubts that he has built a strong management team to help Stevenage push forward.

The new Boro boss will be assisted by former Arsenal and Rangers coach, Neil Banfield, while ex-Boro skipper Scott Cuthbert has been recruited as first-team coach.

But it isn't just the trust that has delighted Revell, but also the talent, knowledge and reputation of his support.

"I've known Neil for a long time now," said the boss. "We've done courses together. 

"But as in life, reputation in football is huge and his reputation is renowned for his coaching and his knowledge of the game. 

"He’s going to bring a wealth of knowledge and his contact book is incredible, all the people he knows in the game  

"And he's just a really fantastic person to be around. When you look back at your bench, you have to know that people have got your back. 

"I know for sure that Neil will have and after our conversations, and explaining what the club is about and how I want to play, Neil was on board straight away. It wasn't a long conversation.  

"Since then we've had many conversations about how we move forward together.  

"And then we all know Scotty. We all know his leadership, we all know his talents and what he did.  

"He's a warrior, he was always a warrior, but he’s going to be a fantastic coach. He's already been coaching where he was [at Woking]. 

"What I will say about Scotty is he wanted to be a part of this journey and to me that means everything as a manager. I know he is excited to have this opportunity. 

"I'm really happy with what we've put together and I think Neil and Scott will make us stronger as a group."

The new assistant has worked with the likes of Arsene Wenger but he says the conversations with Revell yielded very positive results.

Banfield said: "I think [people in football] have all got different trains of thought on how you want to work. 

"Alex and Scott's philosophy on how they want the game to be played was very much aligned to where I see the game. 

"It's about winning football, that's the industry we’re in. 

"When Alex first approached me and we had a chat, I could feel his enthusiasm for this club. 

"Being aligned on the football side won’t be a problem because it's what we coaches do, we adapt to winning football games. 

"I think the squad and the experience speaks for itself. The foundations have been laid, I think it was 19 clean sheets and someone who scores you goals. 

"It's a tough league, look at some of the teams in there. It's going to be a really tough season but that’s the world we live in. 

"Hopefully it’ll be a really good season too and we are looking forward to the challenge."