For the past two years he has been firmly in the middle of delivering the Steve Evans vision for how Stevenage will play - but now Alex Revell is boss, he says he will have to alter how he approaches his working week.

Under the previous regime, Revell was first-team coach and charged with delivering training alongside assistant manager Paul Raynor.

That is a part of the job he loves but reluctance to change has to be trumped by necessity now he is in the big chair.

"I have to take a step back," he said, "I have to. I'm never going to change because I don't agree that you should. Your character is your character.  

"Of course I want to have a relationship with the players, because that's who I am, but Neil [Banfield] will predominantly do a lot of the coaching, within the structure of what I as the manager want and what we agree. 

"And then Scott [Cuthbert] will be learning under Neil but also having a big impact. He'll be the link between the players and a little bit more focus on set pieces and things.  

"But I have to take that step back.

"I am someone who likes to be involved. I do love coaching and there will be days where we alternate. 

"I will have days where I want to coach but ultimately that'll be a combination of us all. 

"Another reason is if your voice is always heard, it becomes a little mundane and a little boring and sometimes you have to remove yourself from that." 

That self-consciousness, and acknowledgement of what is needed to be manager, is a sign of the difference between Revell when he previously in charge between 2020 and 2021, and this new 2.0 version.

There are other things too that have to be changed but he is fully aware of what they are and how to do it.

"I think it's experience," he said, "I think it's clarity in my own thinking.  

"Since taking the job [before], I've finished my pro-licence and for the last two years, I've been learning from someone who is experienced. 

"But I’m a little bit older too and I’ve watched many games and I really feel that's helped. 

"I don't think anyone's ready at the time when they go into management but I feel relaxed and I know what I need to see from players now and I know what I need to see from staff. 

"And I know that I've got a brilliant staff there for me.  

"That’s the most important part of why I know I'm ready."