Hitchin Town have been handed a get out of jail free card - after their relegation was overturned.

The Canaries had finished in the bottom four of the Southern League Premier Division Central and had thought they would start the new season in Division One Central.

However, the decision of Coalville Town to resign their position meant a space opened up, one which it has been decided that Hitchin would fill.

The statement from the FA said: "A meeting earlier [on Tuesday] of the FA Alliance Committee agreed that the vacancy shall be filled by reprieving Hitchin Town FC in accordance with the principles of Regulation 5.5.2(c) and the club has confirmed this decision being received and acknowledged to the FA."

The Canaries' own statement said: "We have been informed that we will be reprieved from relegation and we will therefore continue to compete at step three in the 2024-25 season.

"We would like to thank the FA for their swift action in resolving this situation in less than two working days."

The change does throw one particular spanner into the works although it is one Hitchin are happy to tackle.

The club added: "We are pleased to remain in the Southern League Premier Division Central at step three as this keeps us performing at a level which will keep us on track with the objectives in our strategy for the next four years.

"However, this change of plan undoubtedly comes with some challenges as we have spent the last month preparing for a season at step four.

"We have planned budgets, ticketing and player recruitment with this in mind and we are now working to quickly update our planning to ensure we are able to make the best possible preparations for remaining at step three.

"Whilst we obviously welcome the opportunity to remain in the Southern League Premier Central Division there is undoubtedly a lot of work, particularly for [manager] Brett Donnelly and the management team, to ensure we can adapt to this latest development and be ready for the league campaign to start on the August 10."

One further part of the Alliance Committee's decision has an effect of Welwyn Garden City and Stotfold, both going to play in Division One Central.

The committee have agreed that the vacancy at step four, left by Hitchin's reprieve, would "not be filled", in order to minimise disruption.

That means the division will operate with just 21 teams instead of 22.