Hertfordshire areas have ranked among the highest for life expectancy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For females, St Albans has ranked as the 14th best area for life expectancy, with East Hertfordshire 39th out of a list of 340.

North Hertfordshire sits at 100, with Welwyn Hatfield at 105 and Stevenage at 230.

For men, St Albans and Three Rivers sit 18th and 19th, East Hertfordshire at 28th and North Hertfordshire 37th.


Welwyn Hatfield scrapes into the top 100, while Stevenage sits at 155 and Watford is 176th.

Outside of Hertfordshire, Kensington and Chelsea had the highest female life expectancy at 86.34 years, and Hart had the highest male life expectancy at 83.74.

The full list of areas can be found on the Office for National Statistics website.

Here is how our areas ranked.

Female life expectancy

14. St Albans, 85.22

29. Three Rivers, 84.88

39. East Hertfordshire, 84.72

69. Dacorum 84.31

100. North Hertfordshire 83.92

105. Welwyn Hatfield 83.90

169. Watford 83.16

230. Stevenage 82.24

Male life expectancy

18. St Albans, 81.59

19. Three Rivers, 81.53

28. East Hertfordshire, 81.29

37. North Hertfordshire, 81.10

88. Dacorum 80.36

100. Welwyn Hatfield 80.17

155. Stevenage 79.27

176. Watford 79.06