Children at a primary school in Stevenage have been learning life-saving skills after a teacher's sister went into cardiac arrest and had her life saved by a stranger who knew CPR.

Grandmother Kay Rush was at the wheel of her car on April 13 last year when she went into cardiac arrest in Fellowes Way in Stevenage, crashing into two parked cars.

Michelle D’Arcy was having lunch at the Our Mutual Friend pub opposite, and the off-duty school crossing patrol officer rushed to help when she witnessed the crash.

Seeing Kay was in cardiac arrest, Michelle started CPR immediately, before paramedics arrived.

Kay, who made a full recovery thanks to Michelle's fast actions, now has an internal defibrillator and pacemaker fitted.

Senior paramedic Rachel Trengrove, who attended the scene, said: "This shows the importance of everyone learning basic life-saving skills, as you never know when it will be needed. It can help play a part in saving a person’s life, as happened with Kay."

This month, Year 5 children at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School in Stevenage have been learning CPR, to mark February being Heart Month.

The life-saving workshop was set up by Kay's sister, Elaine Glover, who is a teacher at the school.

She said the children were excited to learn the skills after she shared her sister's story.

Elaine said: "They all listened and really concentrated, and they all practised the skills they were being taught. I know how thrilled they were to have this workshop."

Kay, who also attended the workshop, added: "It was quite emotional watching them because it brought back what somebody did for me.

"Hopefully they will go away and use it if they need to in the future."