Letchworth-based car company Autoglym has been granted a Royal Warrant from King Charles III for the supply of car care products to the royal household.

Autoglym is the UK's biggest car care manufacturer and has been granted it's fourth Royal Warrant since 1991, having been previously recognised by the then Prince of Wales and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Warrant means the award-winning company's products will be used for the household's entire fleet, including iconic state cars used at events viewed by millions around the world.

CEO for the company Paul Caller said: "We’re immeasurably proud to once again be granted a Royal Warrant by His Majesty. It says a great deal that our products are entrusted to maintain and protect the lustre of some of the most visible and valuable vehicles in the world.”

Following the death of the Queen in 2022, companies have had to reapply for warrants to gain the approval of King Charles.

Autoglym is one of 145 companies recognised as part of the first wave of seals given under the new King's reign.

The vote of confidence will see Autoglym's logo appear around the world on every one of the Royal Family's fleet of cars.

Over the course of the next few months, the Royal Arms will be added to all Autoglym products in shops and at its Letchworth headquarters.

In order to be eligible for a Royal Warrant, a company must have sold goods or services to a member of the Royal Family for at least five years.

Autogylm is the only car care company included in the first round of warrants, reserved only for those who had previously held one. 

The latest warrant means the company will continue to be trusted to maintain and protect all vehicles in the Royal Household’s fleet, which includes The King’s daily limousines and support vehicles, as well as state cars that are used for formal occasions and events.